Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Life Begins


Smidge is my name and being cute is my aim!

I had a rough start in life. My birth mother wouldnt feed me and would push me away from my brothers and sisters. Luckily a nice lady decided that she would look after me. I was the smallest of my litter and quite sick but she cared for me and handfed me. At 6 weeks of age i saw my now Dad. I decided that i would try and work my cuteness charm on him and Hehe sure enough he fell for it hook, line and sinker. He picked me up and took me to my new home where i met my new Mum. Oh was she the best Mum ever! She picked me up and held me ever so gently and cuddled me to her. I felt so much love and knew that we were a match made in heaven.

She loves me so much and i love her! I am the luckiest boy in the whole world!


  1. Hi cuz! Hope you like blogland. You sure is a licky, i mean, Lucky smidge. I haven't met you but my Mum says I am bigger than you are hehe. Ask Bella - she knows me. I hope you have lots of fun here. I will post on my blog when i can to let everyone know you are here. Ok - i am tired and it is my turn to go sleep on the bed with Mum and Dad. Nite.

  2. hi there smidge this is ebony wow great to have you on here i hope to be your long time freind every now and then check out my blog as i have lots to tell you al about me im pretty cool best of luck with it smidge bye woof woof xxx.

  3. Hi Smidgey..... you are very very lucky to have a Mummy who loves you. By the way, you are too cute....i will send you some happy snaps from my family tomorrow,
    xoxoxo Aunty Alexia & Nephew Johnny

  4. I am a big boy now and quite ferocious! Mum says im a honorary german shepherd. I always bark when someone comes which tells all the others to bark. Mum and Dad dont like it when we all go off. Rollie, Lady and Rishy have all gone to the rainbow bridge and I miss them dearly especially Lady who was very gentle with me. She also protected me all the time. I spend a lot of time sitting on Mum or Dads knee and when any of the dogs come near them I growl. She's my Mum! Grrrrrr.Karma is a new playmate I have in the house. She is a black german shepherd and although very big is still a puppy in a lot of ways. Mum calls her the hurricane as she flies in the door at a million miles an hour. I have to be careful im not I her way or I would get knocked over.
    Ive just had my dinner so now it is time to snooze so goodnight until next time.